Apartment Tour: The Big Room

March 15, 2010 at 6:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Happy Monday!

My family has been asking me for pictures of our new temporary home- so I thought this would be a good place to showcase the pictures we took on my blackberry (eek- sorry! the regular camera died this weekend).

We are learning to art of compromise in our marriage during this whole apartment living situation.  While I would have loved to paint every nook and cranny of our apartment, my practical husband was slightly less than thrilled at that idea.  He thinks white walls are clean and simple and would be happy to keep them all that way- me, not so much.  i know that we’re only going to be in this apartment for a year- but I was having a really hard time accepting the fact that it had to look so plain and apartmenty (new word!).  Enter the compromise below.

Now, I am definitely not an interior decorator and it is pretty possible that I have broken some major design rules – but hey, what can I say? I am a rebel :)  I just like to make our living space our home- even within limitations.  oh and yes, that is definitely a white ceramic elephant in the picture below- josh hates it! hehe. 

IMG00133 This is our living area.  When we moved to Colorado we were only able to bring our bed, TV and an old record player (you can see where our priorities are- sleep, entertainment and music 🙂 ).  Everything else had to be purchased- thank you, craigslist!  We got the couch and matching love seat for $400- heck yes.

IMG00135 We have a fireplace! I love it.  Unfortunately, it costs money to actually run the fireplace and, being the frugal lady that I am, I only use it on special occasions (like the 15 seconds it took me to take this picture).  The wood carvings on the mantel are from North Carolina and I love them! oh, and incase you were wondering- yes, that is another ceramic animal on our mantel.  I have a problem.

IMG00134This is the view our the living area from the other side.  I like having an open floor plan so that I can still talk to josh while we’re in different rooms.  it is fun.


IMG00129  This is our fun kitchen where josh let me put up girly pictures of pears and birds.


IMG00128 feeling the love.


IMG00137 This is our dining area where we eat the food cooked in the girly kitchen.  Another craigslist find- $100!

There you have it, folks! sorry for the poor quality pictures.  Josh and I are taking our camera to the geek squad doctors this week so hopefully the blackberry quality will be gone soon enough. 

I am learning that I can control my inner interior decorator for one more year while we wait to buy a house- but I don’t have to completely squash her 🙂

I will try to take pictures of the remaining rooms soon- until then- have a great day!


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