the story.

we love eachother.


In December 2009, the husband and I uprooted our comfortable lives in North Carolina and toted a tiny uhaul worth of belongings to our new home in Denver, Colorado. 

Up until December 2009, I pretty much believed we would be in North Carolina, surrounded by all of our family and friends, for the rest of our lives.  I had visions of raising little Tarheel fans and drinking sweet tea on the porch when I was old and wrinkly. It wasn’t really that I wanted to live in North Carolina for the rest of our lives.. I just figured that was the logical thing.  

Then, one day, the husband and I were having a conversation that went something like this: 

“If you could pick one place to live- anywhere- where would you choose?”
“Me too.”
“Wish it could happen…”
“Me too.”
“Is there any reason it can’t happen?!”
(All of my responses are the ones ending in exclamation points because I get easily excited.) 

…the conversation turned into my blanketing the state of Colorado with my resume (can we say 105 emails and resumes later??) and ended with interviews and an amazing job offer from a great company. 

If you would have told me last year that this is where we would be, I probably would have laughed at you. When we began the Colorado discussion, I was in a comfortable job with a company I loved working for. I was totally torn between the location of my dreams and staying comfortably put close to family and friends. 

After praying and praying and praying and praying for confirmation.. it came in the form of a pink slip from my comfortable job. God knows that subtle hints don’t really work with me- awesome. 

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a crazy ride.. and I hope this blog will serve the purpose of documenting it all for the wonderful family and friends we left back in the south. Love you guys!


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